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Beauty of Western Iowa Part Two

5-18-11 GUEST Blog
Iowa indeed has a lot of history and I can’t believe that I did not soak up some of the history of Sioux City (SC), Iowa over the years. You see, for 13 years, you would of found me in SC at least ten times per year. With a 3.5 hour drive, stopping along the roadway was not high on my to-do list. Last October, while attending a wedding, I took the opportunity to take a leisurely drive to SC via the Loess Hills and see a few sights in the City. History I tell you, lots of history.
First, the Loess Hills Scenic Byway in Western Iowa. Here’s a synopsis:
The unique land formation of windblown silt called “loess” extends nearly 200 miles in a narrow band adjacent to the Missouri River Valley. Although deposits of loess are found across the world, nowhere but China are those deposits higher than they are in Iowa. The Loess Hills encompasses over 640,000 acres of land with over 10,000 acres designated as a “Loess Hills National Natural Landmark.”

I think this description is fascinating and one you can’t see nor appreciate driving on I-29, one must use the Byway to see the hills. The drive was on a beautiful sunny Friday in October, and I am very pleased to check this off my list.

Off to Sioux City and on the to-do list: Flight 232 Memorial, Lewis & Clark Center, Sergeant Floyd Monument, Chief War Eagle Statue and will write about Trinity Heights on another post.

UA Flight 232 Memorial – Do you know where you were on the afternoon of July 19, 1989? Well for the people of Iowa, most were glued to the TV watching a 44-minute drama unfold. The UA flight, Denver to Philadelphia, had major engine failure and the pilot was attempting to land when the right wing tore off, the plane did a cartwheel and then blew up. Of the 285 onboard, 185 survived. The statue depicts National Guard Lt. Col. Dennis Nielson carrying a 3-year old child to safety. A vivid memory for me and a very nice memorial. Do you remember the pilot’s name? Captain Al Haynes. I wonder what happen to the little girl.

Off to see more sights in the city limits of Sioux City.    
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