Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Report

5-2-11 resting brain
As some of you know, Greg has been on vacation and I have not…. due to work commitments and deadlines in May- I felt I could not get away at this time. Instead, I have spent the weekend in KC looking after our cat, and I invited some of my Des Moines girlfriends down to KC for a “girl’s weekend”. I was hoping to rally some friends together to help show support for Molly as her husband’s cancer surgery is schedule this week.

Not everyone’s schedule worked out well, but Peace Sisters- Carolyn and Sue made the trip down and spend 24 hours with me…. Which I very much appreciated- since I know their lives are so busy. So I want to say Thank You to them. (I got my sidewalk chalk out this weekend)

I tried not to fill our time together with too much activity, but instead, planned for relaxation. Molly arrived first on Friday about 5:30 PM and she and I went for a short walk around the neighborhood, since it was such a warm sunny day, although very windy, and the tree pollen was flying! Carolyn and Sue arrived about 6:30 PM and we ate dinner out on the back deck…. I had prepared some Indian food, wine and margaritas were also consumed. This was a fun evening with stories and laughter…. Just what I needed to help restore my worn out spirit…. I hope Molly was uplifted too.

Saturday morning (not up early), we attended the Brookside Art Fest…. And I had a special eye out for how artists had set up their booths, since one day I am going to try to enter one of these Art Fests. We also visited some of the fun shops in the Brookside neighborhood and came across a creator of balloon art. Now some of you may know that I also can make balloon animals, but where as I use one balloon, this guy was using multiple balloons and was at a totally higher level of creativity than I will ever do able to master…. Maybe I could with some lessons?

Turns out the balloon guy, John, is someone Greg knows through the KC Mini Cooper Club, and I also know his wife Johnna. I decided on a balloon tiara.

Next, we ate a late lunch at a Greek restaurant which Molly introduced me to a few weeks ago. I loved this place – Tasso’s Grecian Food, in Waldo.

After lunch, we headed back to the house and just sat outside on the deck again, soaking up some sun and relaxing. After Carolyn and Sue left, I am happy to report that I managed to remain on the deck in a state of relaxation. Sunday also, I allowed myself just to rest, since I am either suffering from allergies, or am beginning to fight a cold. I am afraid it might be a cold. That seems to be the way my life goes, if I don’t learn to rest, I usually end up sick, and that forces me to rest.

PS: On Sunday, Sue received a nursing award back in Des Moines, being named one of “Iowa’s top 100 Nurses”. Here Friday night, Carolyn presented a similar award to Sue acknowledging her achievement with a….. “damn good nurse certificate”. How blessed I feel to have these women in my life who are supportive and caring of each other. I continue to learn compassion and love from my “Peace Sisters” daily.

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  1. Very nice and fun weekend. Shucks ... I'll get to your next weeked. Congrats to you Suzy Q. Love you girls :)