Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Report

5-9-11 getting healthy brain

This was one of those weekends that turned out nothing like what was planned.  I was feeling better after fighting a cold all week, and then Greg came home from work early on Friday with a sore throat. He spent the better part of Saturday and Sunday in bed.

There was a planned Mini Cooper drive to the Overland Park Arboretum set up for Saturday, which if Greg wasn’t up to going on that, I knew he must be really not feeling well. So instead, I decided to take a short shopping trip down to the Plaza and look for some black trousers to wear at my upcoming national workshop. Eddie Bauer had moved into a new store down at the Plaza, so I got some great deals on pants and a jacket… basically I got the jacket free for the price of the pants. Then I got a few other good deals at J. Jill. Yep.... I did break my promise to myself, that I didn't need to shop for any more clothes this year. :) Well, I have at least cleaned out and given away a lot from my closet this year.

Later Saturday afternoon, after bringing lunch home for Greg and sitting out on the deck in the sun with him a while, I drove out to Molly’s. Jeff was up and about after only being day 4 since his bladder surgery. He was looking good and feeling good. Molly and I then went to the Arboretum, since they were having a plant sale. I didn’t see any Mini’s at that point…. Guess they were all gone by the time we arrived late afternoon.

Sunday, when I arrived back in Des Moines, my garden looked so pretty. Some tulips were still blooming, and every thing had grown over the 11 days I was away. The flowering trees out back were beautiful and the lilacs were also in bloom. My rhubarb was over growing so I pick a bunch to bake a crisp, plus extra to freeze.

Here I wanted to show Kelley what I ended up doing with the bed piece we scavenged off the curb a few weeks back.

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