Friday, May 6, 2011


5-6-11 slow brain
It's been a slow week for me, which is good. I've mostly just been working and resting..... not much other excitement at all this week. So I decided to share some of Greg's pictures from his Mini Cooper vacation out to the "Tail of the Dragon"; which is a 11 mile stretch of road in eastern Tennessee which has 300+ turns in it. (or something like that).... I guess it is a favorite destination for car clubs and motorcycle clubs to met at.

Greg said he had fun and there were about 500 Mini Coopers in attendance. I guess I should have asked Greg to do a "guest blog" on his trip, but I just now thought about it. Sorry.... I'm sure he would have some exciting tales to tell.

Now I'm almost wishing I would have gone, at least to visit my sister and enjoyed the Smokey-Mountain scenery.... well, maybe next year.

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