Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Saturday dinner out

5-24-11 reminiscing brain
Saturday was a special evening; Greg and I were invited over for dinner at the new home of one of my hometown classmates. Daryl lived in my neighborhood and we attended K-12 together. Daryl married Dawn who was two years younger than us and lived on the other side of Main Street, so I didn’t know her well during high school. Dawn and Daryl had just moved to KC in December and live about 30 minutes from our Leawood house.

Since I had just returned from my Florida Conference, I was feeling bold and when we were served mussels, I decided it was time to give them a try (Greg did too). Well, with enough butter on them, they weren’t too bad, followed by a wine chaser.

I had such fun getting caught up the lives of Daryl and Dawn, and Greg was patient enough to put up with hearing more Charles City stories. Dawn admitted to me her first kiss was with my close neighbor playmate Jim who lived across the street.... Evidently Jim was allowed to cross Main Street at some point. I'm noting this especially for Alice who reads my blog!

Daryl grilled up some of the best salmon I have ever eaten! Oh boy was that a heavenly meal!

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