Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Guest Blog

5-11-11 searching brain
This would be the perfect time for me to ask Ann to start looking for cheap, used vinyl records for me to use for an art project. One dollar or less for a record please, scratched is OK!  PS: I like our bike!
- Judy

Memories, Some Things You Never Forget

Last week I was interviewed by a third-grader about why and how I came to the United States and some of my earliest memories. The most vivid memory was believing money grew on trees and that sidewalks were paved with gold. Vivid I tell you.

With that said, be it in Trinidad or in Maryland, we were poor. Fast forward 40 years, no matter how much money I have in my pockets, I still live like I have $5 to my name. Remember my middle name “deal finder”.

In the summer, I love going to garage sales and there’s nothing like finding a block sale or stumbling upon a sale while driving home. On Saturday’s, my Dad enjoyed watching me sift through other people’s stuff after breakfast. Shucks, I’m going to miss him giving me the business of “why do you need that or don’t you already have that”? Life does go on.

Last weekend, after breakfast with a friend of Dad’s and a fast trip to the Farmers’ Market (more to come on the Market), I spent a relaxing two hours sifting through six sales. Here’s my take:

Picture 1 was a whopping $3. I collect wine glasses, love Ronald Regan, love to bake and I’ve been wanting to get some silicone baking cups, a nice blue plate and for my camping endeavors, a stand to make “beer chicken” on the grill.

Picture 2 was a total of $5. An assortment of nuts and bolts and 8 quarts of 10WD 30 Shell Oil. The was a steal of a deal and one a guy can appreciate.

Picture 3 was a mere $5. I’ve always wanted a pie cutter, a Spanish dictionary for my European travels, two DVD’s (love Nick Cage), a John Mayer CD and my funniest find, “Richard Simmons Sweating to the Oldies”. This is a brand new VHS! Judy, watch me drop the pounds sweating to Richard.

Picture 4 cost me $6. The putter works as my self-defense weapon, a bike helmet and for $5, a wheeled cart which will work great for the Farmers’ Market or those occasional garage sales.

Last but not least, my best find of the weekend, picture 5 cost me $13 for a nice bike with a wire basket.

My co-worker sold me the bike and found the basket, at a garage sale. I’ve been wanting a bike like this for the last couple of years and now I have it. On a side-bar note, while most kids ride a bike at 5-7 years of age, I did not ride one until I was 10 or so. I remember being embarrassed at a Girl Scout bike riding event, never ever riding a bike so I had to use training wheels. Yes at the age of 10 and a memory that is seared in my brain. Needless to say, my son had his first bike at the age of two. Cheers to summer and good finds.

Chat Later, That Girl

Ann Marie


  1. Great Finds. I love a good bargain, but you have to know what you're looking for! I always shop neighborhoods that throw out stuff I'd never afford to buy. If you come across a dorm fridge or microwave this summer, let me know! :D

  2. Lori, I will and Judy I will keep my eyes open for the vinyls. I now ride my bike from my garage to the mailbox.

  3. If you're looking for golf clubs, we have a garage full!

  4. What did you think of the Farmer's Market Ann? I rode my bike downtown and loved it! Too many people - but beautiful day - wish I would have run into you. What a great bike - looks like if it could talk it would have quite the personality!! Just like you! Kelley

  5. Kelley, I never miss the market and dad loved going every w/end. While I love it, I need to adjust my timing before the large crowds show up. This month, free bike check so I'll be bringing the bike down. Park by the Capitol and ride it down. Yep, I'll catch up with you.