Thursday, May 26, 2011

Openings and Closings

5-26-11 reflective brain
This month of May seems to signify the opening and closing of many windows and doors- some of these are joyous and others traumatic, or often both emotions occurring at the same instant.

The month of May holds school graduations, which indicate transitions and steps towards new paths and adventures in life.

My niece Sarah celebrated her college graduation about a week ago.

My God-daughter Chelsea also received her college degree this month, as well as the high school graduation of Paige, my neighborhood pal, the daughter of Peace Sister- Sue.

The month of May has contained turbulent destructive weather creating suffering and loss due to floods and tornadoes. Yet these losses also hold the seeds of rebirth, reconstruction and new beginnings..... just as new life unfolds before my eyes when I look out to my garden.

This week TV viewers had an avalanche of “final” episodes and season finales. Ann, Carolyn, Sue and I took advantage of this as an opportunity to gather together this week both Monday evening, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Monday at Carolyn’s we watched Dancing with the Stars, and Tuesday at my house, the first hour, we first watch American Idol (Ann’s enthusiasm could hardly be contained at this point)… then as I taped the finale of Glee, to watch later…… we laughed our way through the 2 hour finale of Dancing with the Stars. We seemed to be leaning towards Hines Ward, who did in fact win…. However, I still was hoping Chelsea would win, since I think she was the best dancer of the final three.

Then the ultimate of ENDINGS…. Oprah finished up her 25 year show with two huge shows and one last simple chat with her audience. For the most part, I have been a fan of Oprah over the years. I really was into her during the “spiritual quest years” in the 90’s. She would loose me every now and then, when I felt her shows were leaning too much towards glorifying materialism and sensationalism. Movie stars were paraded out to sell their movies and over the top, rich life styles.... these shows turned me off.

Yet when all is said and done, Oprah has changed the world for the better, and touched my life in a positive way. I’m particularly grateful for all the authors I was introduced to; books and ideas which helped me stretch, grow, and opened my mind, opened my creativity to new worlds- new possibilities.

I did love the simplicity of Oprah’s very last show….. I call it “Oprah’s Last Lecture”….. but I hope it’s not her the last words I hear from her, since I found it to be very meaningful.

If some people don’t believe in God, or a divine force in our universe; I’d say look at Oprah’s life. Born black and poor in Mississippi, with every disadvantage you can name; yet some great spirit guided her to greatness. Its mind boggling to me, how can you explain such transformation without some divine spark being present. Even Oprah gives credit to God and acknowledges the miracle, as she explained the divine guidance she listens for daily. I too have learned to listen for this voice, and I thank Oprah for being a wonderful teacher to the world. May her light continue to shine for another 25 years!

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  1. I wanted Chelsea to win too. She really was the best dancer and most cconsistent. Kim, ine's partner, looked absolutely shocked when Chelsea came in 3rd. I admire Kirsti, God knows. I could not do what she did and I'm almost her age and she's much heavier than I. Her ability was awesome.