Saturday, May 14, 2011

Only in Iowa?

5-13-11 traveling brain
Only in Iowa?......Well, maybe not just in Iowa…. But an example of why I enjoy living in Iowa (not just because I always have)…. is what I saw in the Des Moines Register Newspaper Thursday morning.

Front page of the Metro & Iowa Section was an article about 4 kittens rescued from a storm sewer. Workers at Simon’s automotive store heard a cat cry….911 was called, and a net brought these tiny kittens to safety. The article was even accompanied by two big pictures. A slow news day, ya probably.... and that's what I like about Iowa.

While I am out of town at my work conference next week, Ann has agreed to be my guest blogger and will be filling in at least three days next week. The topic, perfectly timed… will be about Iowa! Read tomorrow as she sets up her mission for next week.

Thanks Ann for volunteering to fill in for me. Maybe others will see why we love Iowa!

Our cat Clover, who lives in KC with Greg, was also rescued as a kitten and we are grateful to have her in our lives now!

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