Saturday, May 14, 2011

Option A, B or C ?

5-12-11 aha brain
I’ve decided to stop thinking and talking about retirement. I decided this was making me feel old and confused.... and since I’m not able to make some decisions I would need to make at this time… like where am I going to live and what would I do? .... I think I could and should just keep working.

Most of my friends are younger and will still be working… I think I should pretend I’m only 50 and keep working until Greg can retire in 10 years. Then we can deal with all the retirement decisions together (?)... it's an option!

But in order to keep working, I know I’m going to really have to pace myself. Like now- I don’t need to stress about cleaning out the basement THIS summer…. I can take my time over the next 10 years. Procrastination, it’s a skill I need to get better at, but it just might be the thing I need.

For this week, I'm focusing on taking breaks and enjoying nature throughout the day. This view is out my back yard Des Moines, at the "old folks home". They make good neighbors out back.


  1. Very the lilacs and you don't have to decide everything in one day!
    I like the thought of assuming you're 50 and go with that! Don't think so much. Just enjoy.

  2. I do tend to be one who thinks, plans and analyzes my feelings. As in the quote on the right side of my blog: An unexamined life is not worth living- by Socrates.

    But yes Lori, I will just try to enjoy each day.

  3. Retirement? What's that? I would LOVE to retire from my sales mgr job in 5 years because I think I'll be ready. On the other hand, it's an awesome job, flexible, good income and I'm the sole support of our family. These make me afraid I'll be forcibly retired.

  4. Work is good for the body and soul, and if you like what you do, why not reap the beneifts while sharing your talents and planting the seed for what is next. Boy, I can't even think of retirement. I've always said, If I won the lottery, I would be in the next day and the next. Maybe take long vacations, but work is good for my mind. And your BC may say 55, but you are 45 at heart ... on no that would make you younger than me .... 50 at heart.

  5. I agree that a decision is the best thing, having a feeling about what to do or not do hanging out there is very stressful, if can drain you without you even knowing. So welcome to the world of "Retirement is on the Distant Horizon" club.

    And I was never really sure Socrates was right with that statement.

  6. Ann, you are putting me younger than Greg at age 45! I feel it, now if I only could look it again. Molly, I think I have been under stress "thinking" about this too much. Time to just enjoy what I have going on. And like Cali Girl, I just hope I won't be furloughed if congress makes deep cuts in cancer research.