Monday, May 30, 2011

Vacation Project

5-30-11 cleaning brain
I'm taking a few extra days of  vacation attached to the Memorial Day weekend. Greg and I have returned from our visit to my parents, up in northern Iowa...(report on that trip will come this week)..... and 1:00 PM Monday, I'm starting the cleaning project of my ART room.

Here are the before pictures:

I've got this nice big closet that is jam packed with.... "I don't know what!"

While up north in Charles City, I did get to visit with my long time high school friend Jean Ann..... who is my cleaning mentor.... ..... and she gave me some inspiration I need. Jean Ann has the cleaning gene, while I inherited the mess-maker gene. So for the next few days, I need to do my best to keep Jean Ann's voice in my head while I tackle this clean out project.

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