Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A favorite moment

5-10-11 reminiscing brain
I was in the dentist chair Monday morning for my usual six month cleaning and check up. The dentist isn’t my favorite place to be, but I do OK. However, this time as I was sitting there having my gums picked at…. I decided to try to think about favorite moments in my life.

Most of these are small, silly little pieces of everyday life that for some reason took on special meaning and were burned into my memory. One favorite moment that came to mind was Greg tracking me down at a State meeting dinner in 2002 and giving me a rose for our 10 year Anniversary.

I was over in Davenport that October, and he was driving on this way home from a Conference in Canada….. his path on I-80 put him coming through Davenport the same time I was in Davenport for a workshop. I think this is a special memory for me, since it was such a surprise, and Greg doesn’t often surprise me like that.... AND also for the fact that it took him some determination to track me down in the hotel.

I sure felt so extra special when he arrived, kissed me, and gave me a rose…. Right in the middle of dinner, surrounded by my co-workers. Someone had a camera and snapped our picture… then he was back on the road, headed home to Des Moines.

I think I am “reminiscing” about Greg, since the last few weeks we have not spent much time together. First he was traveling out of town, when he arrived home, I was sick last week and stayed in the guest room, then he got sick and I continued to stay in the guest room…. Now I’m back in Des Moines. I hope this weekend before my Florida trip we can spend some time together.

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  1. I remember this! Awww, great memory.