Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Comparing messes

5-31-11 transformation brain
Today, I’m still sticking to my cleaning project. I’m not sure IF I will be finished today, but I’ve scheduled a therapeutic massage later this afternoon, as a reward to myself. I hope the large bulk of cleaning is done by then…. But this project may spill into Wednesday.

It is interesting to excavate my art closet. It contains historical layers of my creativity over the last 12 years or so. Stuff from my unsuccessful attempt at watercolor phase, my calligraphy phase, my first drawing class phase, my early pastel phase, my pixel art phase…. And so on and on!

Last Friday, Greg and I arrived back in my hometown in time for supper. Then we walked over to my Elementary School, Jefferson, which is being torn down. Tearing down the only Elementary School on the south side of town, is not making neighbors happy, since it is not only a waste of a good building, but it is unknown what might get build on this 9 acre lot.

Talk about a mess! The good news is that they are trying to recycle some of the materials. Greg did some inspection and said from his Civil Engineering point of view, this was a well built new addition back in 1970, with the original structure build in 1960.

Here is a picture of our childhood gather spot…. “The Big Rock”…. Now buried in a pile of tree debris. This rock holds special memories for many of the kids who attended Jefferson School, and there is suppose to be an attempt to save it and move it outside of the Charles City museum….. if it is not too large to move.

Here are a few other pictures for those friends formerly from Charles City. Click to enlarge-


  1. I don't know if your elementary school is unsafe or unused. I'm guessing unused as your husband says the addition is sound. Sad. It must be poignant to see. I don't even drive by the house I grew up in when I'm visiting home. It's changed so much, the street, the homes, etc. I no longer recognize anything. My elementary school is still just up the street, about 1/2 mile. They'll probably raze it some day as well.

  2. The growth of baby boomers led to the need for a school on the south side of town. We had 5 elementary schools in 1968 with population around 12,000. Now the population is down to 8,000 I believe. So less need, but my school was one of the newer buildings.... so the decision didn't make sense to me.