Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy in LOVE!

2-14-09 Happy in love brain

I married the most "wonderful man" in the world, and I said so during my wedding vows, which threw the minister off for few moments and everyone had a good chuckle. Don't get me wrong, Greg's not perfect, but he is perfect for ME!

Today is Valentines Day and Greg is in Chicago going to a car show with his best friend Tom. They do this almost every year, but usually they go to the Detroit car show in January but this year the Chicago show worked better for them.

Do I feel sad being away from Greg on Valentines Day? No, I'm fine. Greg's happiness is important to me, as my happiness is important to him and thus we make sacrifices for each other when life requires this.... AND that does remind me of what the letter O in my LOVE essay stood for (see yesterday's posting)....... The letter O in LOVE stands for "others".... Love is when the other person's needs and happiness are as important as your own.

PS: This picture is from 2007 when Greg sacrificed for me and took me to a Valentines Dinner and Dance! We both ended up having fun.

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  1. Happy V-Day to both of you.. Like the pic and the story. Like the blog background.