Friday, February 20, 2009

House project #5

2-20-09 reminiscing brain

The house projects continue. Christopher and I are improving the looks of the steps down to the basement. The first step was to remove the old linoleum. This black, gray, and white pattern was common, I believe, in the 1950's. This linoleum was also in the kitchen when we brought this house in 1993. I know there was another older layer of linoleum beneath this one, which would make sense since our house was build in 1939. It will be celebrating it's 70th birthday this year.

This black, gray and white linoleum was similar or possibly identical to the linoleum in the bathroom of my childhood home. I remember sitting on the toilet and I would love to stare at the floor and pick out familiar shapes. I could see a face , a boot or a shape of a state. Right now I'm struggling to see much of anything when I look at this floor, just dirt and a lot of hard work ahead for us.

This flooring will soon be history, since Christopher is helping me remove it and I will be doing something different and creative, I hope, with the basement steps. Stay tuned for a progress report at a later date!

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