Thursday, February 5, 2009

Old Friends

2-5-09 surprised brain

Yesterday I talked about new friends in KC, today I need to write about old friends in KC.

The coolest thing happened to Greg and I this past weekend night.
We decide to walk down to the Plaza to get something to eat. Greg suggested we try a place we have never been before. I decided to be open to having a new experience, rather than going back to a favorite & familiar place. After having a nice exercise walk around the Plaza, we decided on the Irish Pub, since we weren't very dressed up.

We liked the feel of the Irish Pub as we sat down, commenting on how it did remind us of a pub we were in during our 2005 Drake trip to Dublin. As I was sitting there eating some pretty good shepherd's pie, I looked over at the bar and commented to Greg that this gal drinking a beer looked familiar to me. After a minute of thinking I said, "that could be Lisa who was in the softball team I played on in the 1980's"..... "I know she and her husband had moved to KC some time ago"........ Well after I was done eating, I decide- what the heck, I'm doing to talk to them, the worst thing to happen will be to just embarrass myself. So I walked over and asked them if they were Lisa and Doug from Iowa! AND IT WAS! (I found this picture of Lisa and a few of the guys on our team!)

I get so excited when the universe sends me surprises like that! Strange how all the planets needed to line up to make that happen. Lisa and Doug were down at the Plaza celebrating their 21 Anniversary! The Irish Pub wasn't one of their usual hangouts, they were just having a drink before their dinner over at the Plaza III.

Wow, just think about that.... all the timing that went into making that meeting between us happen! And the fact that I could see Lisa across the room because of my new improved vision! Kimby my former pastor always calls something like this a "God-incidence".... instead of a "coincidence"...... I couldn't agree more!
PS: HOUSE UPDATE: 180 degree change, now considering cute smaller house in Prairie Village close to Prairie Village Shops which would be same price range as Greg's Plaza apartment, thus we could keep the Des Moines house and own 2nd smaller home in KC. (Greg's idea......stay tuned!)

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  1. Looking forward to house news. Are you really posting your blogs so early in the morning?