Thursday, February 19, 2009

Letting go part II: Set it free

2-19-09 detached brain

I believe I remember what I used for the letter L in my LOVE essay back in high school (see 2-13-09 posting)..... I think L = Learning and I discussed the important roll parents have in teaching their children what is healthy love.

I was thinking this weekend that L also could stand for "Letting Go"..... you know the old saying. "If you Love something, set it free"..... If it comes back to you, it's yours,..... if it doesn't ..... well then you're screwed, so get over it! OK, maybe that's not the original version, but it works for me. I think this old saying has to do with practicing "detachment" which I first learned about from author Deepak Chopra.

After working through my emotions in January concerning selling our Des Moines home, I believe I had come to the point of successfully "letting it go"....... well now, surprisingly, my home might be "coming back to me"!?

This was Greg's idea..... Greg has diligently been creating and analyzing a spread sheet which compares our mortgage payments as a percentage of our income. Over the last two years our "mortgage payments" also include the rent for our Kansas City apartment. Greg did this ratio all the way back to when we were first married. Now he feels we can afford two homes if we can find a moderately priced home in the area of KC that we want. This makes some sense since our DM house mortgage payment is close to what I would have to pay for an apartment in DM. We've always tried to live below our means and this has allowed more margin and flexibility for opportunities such as affording an apartment in KC.

However, at this point, I'm continuing as if we will sell the house and I am proceeding with the BIG cleaning & painting house project. My nephew Christopher has been a big help. We are on to basement projects now.
PS: my cousin Roger has commented on my LOVE essay. He even suggested his own version which I think is wonderful.
Laughter - Happiness or fun expressed by laughing.

penness - Not trying to hide anything or deceive anyone.

itality - The ability of something to live and grow or to continue in existence.

ternity - The condition, quality, or fact of being without beginning or end.


  1. What happened to the background today? It was clear/yellow and now the pink stuff is back?
    You both have a full-time part-time job. You blogging and Greg w/ his diagnosing of what/where/how/why.

    But I'm glad, for now that is, that Greg's full-time/part-time job has landed you back in DM/Beaverdale.

  2. Greg has done a lot of analyzing! And he studies the KC real-estate listings every night too.