Monday, February 2, 2009

Shooting the rapids

2-2-09 water-logged brain

Saturday it was warm and sunny in Kansas City, record high 72 degrees! The meandering stream looked tranquil and inviting. I took my shoes off and rolled my pant legs up to my knees. I timidly tested the temperature of the water with my big right toe…… OK, not too bad. Soon I was wading out ankle deep, feeling the soft sand between my toes. This was very pleasant. The sun light was creating diamonds sparkling off the water’s surface. Surely I could stay here all afternoon, just enjoying the scenery put before me.

However, evening came and it turned dark quickly. All at once from behind I was caught off guard and knocked off my feet. A giant tsunami type wave was moving me down stream fast, and I was too much in shock to even cry out as I was flailing about in a panic. I was being swept away, carried off to Lord knows where..... into a sleepless night.

What would you do? Does a person attempt to swim upstream, or shout for help praying for a quick rescue? I suppose the Zen Masters would advise lying back in a non-resistant position and accept and even enjoy the journey. After all I’ve heard that “hope floats”. What I chose to do was to grasp onto this blogging life jacket and continue down this innocent stream turned raging river….. destination unknown.

Sunday afternoon, sadly, we didn’t make Molly super bowl party. Instead we put an offer down on a house in Kansas City, after Greg fairly quickly rescued me from drowning, by pulling me into his small but trusty life boat. Together we decided to continuing shooting the rapids……. Choosing to accept and maybe even enjoying this journey together….. our destination is still uncertain.


  1. If this is it, I LOVE IT!

  2. YES! This is the house we put an offer on!