Monday, February 16, 2009

Nephew Christopher

2-16-09 grateful brain

February is turning out to be a very cool month for me. I'm spending time with my 24 year old nephew, Christopher. He is visiting me here in Des Moines and helping me get some house projects done. So far he's painted the upstairs bathroom, the back hallway to the basement and the guest bathroom. He even shoveled 7 inches of snow for me the other day.

It's been wonderful to spend time with him, just us two during the week. He does his projects while I work during the day and in the evening I try my best to feed him. I didn't realize how much an athletic young guy can eat! I've been cooking casseroles along with healthy fruits and vegetables; and a hearty beef soup/stew has covered some lunches. (thanks Ann Marie for the recipe!)

Christopher is a wonderful kid. He's a bit of a Renaissance type of guy. I'd say he was like me.... being "split in two" and able to use both sides of his brain, but I think he is even more talented than that. Here is a guy who spent an intense 10 weeks at Marines Officer Candidate School last fall and graduated, and then over Christmas he sat down and made gingerbread houses his sister and I (see picture on right side panel). So he's got a creative side, and a tough side, and a smart nerdy side. (he's at least split in three!) He graduated with honors from Furman University spring of 2008 with History and Philosophy major and was on scholarship playing on their golf team. I'm so proud of him, but more than any of the above qualities, I love his big heart and the fact that he'll hug me several times during the day.

I've observed that he is taking after his grandfather John in the fact he seems to drink a pot of coffee everyday, and likes peanut butter on his toast! Right now as I blog this evening, he is downstairs playing some Marine computer-video game with some friends over the Internet. There are a million stories I could write about him when he was younger and I suppose if my blog continues, some of these will be addressed. I've included a few pictures of his cute curly haired days. I've enjoyed many times spent with him over the years..... trying to keep up with his energy...... he was always on the go and very competitive, even as a toddler...... to be continued.

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  1. So you took a day off, good for you. Glad you are having a great time w/ Christopher. I see you had a great weekend and hope you got your projects done. And, thanks for the kind words re: the soup/stew. I'm in SC Mon-Wed.