Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just let it go!

2-10-09 de-cluttering brain

Sunday, slowly the cleaning project began.
It started with a desk drawer. Here I found a treasure of address labels, "gifts" from various charities hoping for a donation. This picture doesn’t capture the depth of the 3 inch pile I had to shred.

For a moment, my right artist brain wanted to keep these as a possible future interesting art project. I know Alice, another creative spirit, will relate to this impulse to save. As I began to shred the pile, I then had the thought that I should at least have taken one label from each set and stuck on a blank piece of paper. Perhaps this would make an interesting piece of art? Then the voice of my mother came to me and said, “just let it go”….. so I did. But then of course I had to stop my cleaning for a moment to blog about this experience...... until Greg called me back to work on yet another drawer. At this rate, this house cleaning project may take awhile!
PS: My nephew Christopher is arriving today to stay with me for several weeks and to help clean and paint. He has some time on his hands until entering graduate school in the fall. Greg has a big project for Christopher in the basement. Maybe this 24 year old kid can get me motivated and focused in the evenings to accomplish more than just blogging my time away. That is what we both are hoping for! So perhaps I may just be blogging every OTHER day?

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  1. Yes, I vote for every other day blogging. Otherwise, you will need a 12 Step program.
    Shred away and when you get done come over to my mess.