Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Friends

2-4-09 stretching my brain
Speaking of making NEW Friends (from 2-3-09)......

I have a new friend in Kansas City whom I met last fall during one of my week long stays. Greg and I were walking in the Brookside neighborhood to see if we liked the feel. This neighborhood reminds us of our wonderful Des Moines neighborhood of Beaverdale since it has a high walk-ability score. There are many restaurants, shops and grocery store in both of these neighborhoods and this is important to me. (A small town feel within the big city)

Greg and I walked by a house and there was a women and man sitting out on their front porch with their cat in the front yard. They waved hello and being the cat lovers we are, we had to stop and say "hi kitty"..... The women came out to greet us and we started a conversation with Julie and Paul!.

Long story short- Julie was an Iowa gal too! They had moved into this neighborhood a few years ago and were very happy with the area. I liked Julie right away because I sensed she was "a character"..... you know a real "down to earth gal" who seems comfortable in her own skin..... She was so nice and welcoming I felt like I actually could see myself living there. I call Julie my Kansas City angel since it was her kindness which broke my stereotype of "big city" people.

Now, I need also to mention that I already have 3 other friends who live in Kansas City....... Molly, one of my best friends I first met in Des Moines in 1984 (she is an Iowa gal too!); My college friends Teresa and Jim (also from Iowa originally)...... and Kimby, my wonderful former pastor from Westminster Church in Des Moines, who has been in KC for about 6 years now and is very happy there.

Boy! I'm so blessed to have friends in both places where I will call home: Des Moines and Kansas City! Not to mention my "first Hometown" of Charles City and my work town of Iowa City!

PS: Thanks to this blogging business, I also have met a "new blog friend" ....... A shout out to Ruth in Michigan! I enjoy reading her blog and looking at her beautiful winter pictures. I have mentioned this before, but I'll say it again, check out "my blog list" on right side panel : Ruth's blog is called synch-ro-ni-zing

HOUSE UPDATE: While awaiting a counter offer, we have been distracted by another possible house! I guess it's nice to have choices!


  1. House #1 looks like you and has "character" :) Have fun with the journey!

  2. If you buy #3, I'm moving in with you! WOW!

  3. Hi Judy - i like all the homes - they are beautiful! And I love the softball pic - were we ever really that young? Kelley