Monday, May 25, 2009

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5-25-09 Vacation brain

I arrived in my hometown for the long weekend on Thursday evening around 7:00PM to find my parents, age 84 & 81 watching Comedy Central. They were sitting there at the kitchen table laughing out loud. It seems that they have given up watching CNN news and now are in the habit of watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Both my sister and I enjoy watching these shows, so sometime along the way Mom and Dad picked up the habit.

One of the funniest Quotes from Stephen Colbert was when he was addressing the importance of newspapers….. when moving, you can’t wrap your dishes in a blog.”

(or something close to that!)

Stephen Colbert can always but a smile on my face!
I AM in LOVE with him! The funny guys could always get under my sweater! (Unfortunately there wasn't much there to be had)

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  1. Funny post! My parents-in-law love Stewart and Colbert, too! Did you know Stephen Colbert is from the south, but watching TV as a kid he soon figured out that characters with southern accents were always portrayed as hicks and less-than-smart, so he worked hard to rid himself of his accent.