Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

5-22-09 respectful brain

I was looking through the “family history book” my Mom has created for my sister and I. I came upon this picture of my relatives in the cemetery.

I too will be in this same cemetery this weekend. Maybe I will take my camera and have my Mom, sister and I pose for a picture so the future generations can compare us. My Mom still follows the traditions of placing flowers on graves on Memorial Day.

In my youth, I begrudgingly would accompany her most years. However, I never admitted it at the time, but I did find our hometown cemetery to be a very beautiful place in springtime. I loved the geraniums, peonies and lilacs that would be there. Now as an adult, I will admit I actually look forward going with my Mother. I’m slowly starting to learn where each grave is located. I enjoy looking at the old-old stones, but also am fascinated my some newer monuments. Sad to say, we mostly take artificial flowers with us now.

I’ll have to post more pictures next week from my trip home.

Thus, I will be taking the long weekend off, so no blogs to read from me… Instead, I urge you to spend your time walking through a cemetery and see what interesting things you might discover there when you take a closer look.

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  1. Was planning on doing this. I went to the Highland Cemetery and the Iowa Veterans Cemetery in Van Meeter (only vets cemetery in IA). These two cemeteries were awesome.