Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More "LIFE" to ponder

5-20-09 Andy Rooney brain?
"Do you ever wonder?".............
I’m probably stepping out into deep water, well over my head, but I’m still in a pondering mood this week. I ponder to examine questions bouncing around in my brain; I ponder to learn from others; I ponder to keep my mind open.

My muse today is: can a person be anti-abortion and pro-choice at the same time? … Because that’s what I think I am. No one aspires to have an abortion.

But I still don’t understand if a clump of cells (i.e. future life) is so precious, why isn’t human life of all kinds as precious? Why aren’t the strong pro-life people also the same people who are anit-war, and anti-death penalty? ALL life should be precious, even the life of the mother.

I believe in life, but I also don’t think government should make personal choices of what I can or can’t do with my body.

With that said: I read an interesting commentary piece in the KC Star Newspaper on Sunday. I also saw this same article in the DM Register Newspaper when I returned to Iowa on Sunday evening. Maybe you read this article as well, by Ellen Goodman, “Should abortion be a GOP issue?”

Goodman writes about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who has spoken about “the case that got away”. A female nurse, who was an Air Force captain in 1970, got pregnant and her commanding officer told her to have an abortion or resign. Instead, this female choose a lawsuit to keep her baby which argued the right to bear or not bear a child was her personal choice. “Government intervention was a violation of her liberty”.

In her article, Goodman ponders about how the whole abortion debate might have been different if this case was the one taken to the Supreme Court instead of Roe vs. Wade.

I’m pondering that too?

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