Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My missing husband

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Memorial Day Weekend part II: My missing husband

I’ve been asked where Greg was over the long weekend, since he was not with me up in northern Iowa at my parent’s home. For those of you who know Greg well, I’m sure you can guess (in general) what activity might occupy him on a long weekend. If it was in the fall, yes, it would have been a Brown’s Football game, but this time of year his weekend trip dealt with CARS!

My husband has a passion for cars, which I find ironic, since his father’s family side (Beachy) comes from an Amish/Mennonite background in Ohio and they didn’t drive cars. However when we first met, Greg was telling me about an Amish saying which describes any Amish family that takes on more modern living styles is called “going Beachy”, since the Beachy family at some point became the first family that would drive a car (basic black car). So supposedly the “Beachy” family tends to be a more progress family as far as Amish go… but not every Beachy family is the same, so I probably should not try to make generalities like this.

Greg’s father Bert, in his lifetime owned a gas station and was a mechanic, and later drove a truck. Thus Bert first had this love of cars and I believe passed it on to Greg. It was a standing joke in my family to expect Greg to buy a different car every year we were married early on. This went on for at least the first 10 years- Greg would be selling and buying some different car. I told Greg that I didn’t mind (too much) that he changes cars yearly, as long as he didn’t change wives. Currently he has settled on 4 cars that he loves, so we have been stable for a few years.

So over the Memorial Day Weekend, Greg drove his Miata down to Texas to participate in the National Miata Meet which included driving time on a race track. Greg was in heaven and I was happy that he was happy, even if it meant that we will be apart for 11 days until we see each other again this coming weekend. In these pictures he sent me, I see that Greg has shaved his winter beard. Yeah! I can't wait to smooch that face!

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