Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

5-10-09 Loving, respectful brain

This is a simple rose drawing with pastels that I made for my Mom, at least 5 years ago or so. That was a fun Mother's Day for both of us. I went back to my hometown for the weekend and not only attended a Mother-Daughter Luncheon with my Mom at her church..... BUT Mom and I also had a small part in the program. Mom read a poem about daughters and I took a few of my paintings which had stories or poems connected to them related to mothers. Neither of us are great public speakers, but we did just fine.

I don't remember all what I spoke about this specific painting called "A Mother's Beauty", but I do remember I related to the small bud, hoping to flower someday into the wonderful person I view my mother to be. (the full blooming rose)

My Dad, being the "joke-ster" that he is, asked why the rose didn't have any thorns. Later he also wondered if I was doing to create a painting for him sometime. So on Father's Day that year I did a small painting for him and put it in a 4x6 inch frame. It was a picture of just a stem and a rose thorn. Dad got a kick out of that and displayed this by his bedside along with his other family pictures.

Happy Mother's Day to all the women who have touched my life.... and there are many!
Wishing a wonderful day to both of you, Mom and Dad..... see you in a few weeks!

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