Thursday, May 21, 2009

Garden advice please

5-21-09 olfactory nerve brain

I am so glad to be in Des Moines for a few weeks, just in time to enjoy the blooming of my dwarf lilac bushes. They smell so wonderful! Soon the peonies will also be blooming. So far we are having a wonderful spring and my garden seems to be growing tall and large.
I need some help from my readers who garden and have more knowledge than I. Can you tell me if this plant below is a flower worth keeping, or is it a weed?

This came under the fence from my neighbors garden. I had been pulling it out last year, but since I haven't spent too much time in the yard yet this spring, this plant is now growing. I'm wondering if I should just let it be? It's in an area that looks OK, since the daffodils will slowly die out.


  1. Keep it, it looks cute but that's from a novist gardner.

  2. If it is invasive enough to come under the fence, even if it is legit, you might not want it. I know from experience of trying to get rid of larger areas of invasiveness. It almost looks like a type of 'snow on the mountain' but the leaves are different. You could always take a leaf/flower to Earl May. They will tell you what it is. I've taken stuff in plastic bags to them to help diagnosis problems. :) Or it could be Astilbe, but I don't know that they grow/spread like that.

  3. Your plant is called Sweet Cicely. Here is a link:

  4. Susan,
    Thanks for the great links! So it appears to be a wild flower.... I guess if I can keep it from spreading too much, It's pretty enough along the fense line.