Monday, May 11, 2009

Chalk walk

5-11-09 dusty brain
Greg and I spend time in my hometown in northern Iowa every 4th of July. This is a popular time for class reunions and family reunions. We have specific traditions which are followed each year. Picnic, parade, band concert, fireworks, food in the city park, special displays at the art center.

Over the last few years, the art center has placed sidewalk chalk out front encouraging anyone to have some fun. Greg and I have taken the time to draw something over the last two years. (Above was from last year) This has peaked my interest in REAL sidewalk chalk art, thus when I heard there was a "Chalk Walk" in KC two weekends ago, Greg and I made a point to check it out.
It was a windy day, but we enjoyed seeing just want a "chalk walk" event entails. They did have some "pros"... but they also allowed anyone to join in. We probably would of participated, but we were in a hurry that afternoon.

No one was doing the 3-D chalk art which I've been facinated with when friends have sent me email pictures by artist Julian Beever. Have you seen those?

But here are a few pictures of the art we saw that Saturday afternoon in KC.

I believe Greg and I should invest in some profession chalk and take what we have learned by observing the KC Chalk Walk and plan a picture to dazzle everyone come this 4th of July !

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