Thursday, May 14, 2009

What not to wear

5-14-09 changing seasons brain
I enjoy watching the show "What Not to Wear" which airs on TLC Friday nights. I think most people love to see "make over" shows. Even Greg will sit down at the end just to see the transformation part. I especially enjoy the part where they get a hair cut, since currently my hair gives me more grief than my clothes.

However, lately I've wondered if I am dressing too young for my age. I'm finding that I'm really out of practice at dressing if I need to go out to someplace nice. For several years now, I spend 90% of my time working from home.... basically I'm a what they call a "virtual worker". Some days this last winter, when I was working in Des Moines (without Greg) and if I didn't have plans for the evening, I just stayed in my PJ's all day.

Pretty pathetic! On my "good" days when I do shower and get dressed, I have come to discover that I usually put on a "hoodie". I was looking in my closet and realized I have a lot of these.

These are my good zip-hoodies. I also have some older ones I wear to bed in the winter, and yes, I do use the hood to keep my head warm.

I don't think my lazy dressing would warrant a spot on the "What Not to Wear" show, but if I'm not careful, I think Greg might nominate me. I believe he's ready to burn my hoodies! Lucky for me the weather is now getting warm and I will have to give up my hoodies for the summer season. I can't remember what I wear during the summer.... I'll have to take a look soon in the storage closet and do the big closet switch any day now. The winter cloths go away for 6 months and the summer cloths are reborn.


  1. I LOVE that show. Especially how to accentuate the positive! :)

  2. Yes, they can make everyone look good! It's a very "hopefull" show with good tips for buying clothes.

  3. Now you were going to cut back on blogging.