Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Divine Intervention and hunting rabbits

5-13-09 observing brain

Each time I think I’m going to cut back on my blogging, something happens to keep spurring me on. I’ve been worn out for several weeks now and feeling uninspired to write much lately. Tuesday, I received an email from Alice, whom I had written about in yesterday’s blog. She told me how my blog had brightened her day and helped improve her mood for the day ahead, which would be full of challenges.

Wow, that was wonderful to hear…. So here I go again…. Blabbing on….
However, I do have an idea brewing in my brain which might change the direction of my blog this summer. We’ll see.

Last evening I’m sitting out on the back deck at the KC house. It’s about 6:40pm. There is a rabbit in the yard up to no good it would seem. I’m sitting quietly and observing. Darn my camera is inside and I don’t want to interrupt this rabbit’s routine. This rabbit must be a female because it appears she might be making a nest under the deck. She is jumping around in the tall grass (will be mowed tomorrow) and gathering up mouthfuls of grass and returning under the deck with this. Then she stops and eats some herself. This rabbit is making me laugh by the way it leaps high in the air bouncing back and forth. She is very quick.... but we’ve made eye contact, and for now she doesn’t seem bothered by me. I hear some rustling of leaves under the deck.

Oh Greg is outside now and I’ve motioned him to be quiet and asked for the camera.

Now I wait patiently with camera in hand. Here she is… but she is too fast for me! I’ll try again… now my camera memory card is full… quickly I delete a few pictures… waiting again… now I try a few shots…. But dang… the camera battery is now low! Well, that will teach me to come more prepared when sitting on the deck! This is all I have to show from my rabbit hunt.

She's cute... what shall I name her?


  1. how about KaCee (KC...Kansas City) :)

  2. I like that.... KaCee the sunshine rabbit! Get it?

  3. I won't tell you what happens to the rabbits in our yard. Especially the ones who nibble my tomato plants off :o.

  4. I like this story, it sounds like me, ready to take the pic and the darn camera is not ready. Yes, this gave me a chuckle too.

  5. Lucky for KaCee the sunshine rabbit that I am not planning a garden in KC... this way we can stay friends and just live and let live!