Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cemetery visit

5-28-09 reverent brain
Memorial Day Weekend part III: Cemetery visit

Saturday morning I woke to the sounds of rolling thunder off in the distance and gentle rain. It was a lazy morning in which the plans to visit the Farmers Market and Cemetery were put on hold until the rain passed. This occurred late morning, so my sister and I both laid in bed giving our sore bodies, from yesterday’s work, a chance to recuperate.

Mother had prepared the list of flowers arrangements needed since we were to visit all three cemeteries in town: Riverside, Sunny Side, and the Catholic Cemetery, and we didn’t want to forget anyone. Our list actually only included two family plots and the rest were family friends. I also came prepared with a few of my polished Alaskan rocks which I like placing on the graves. I’m not sure where I first learned of this tradition (Jewish, I believe), but I thought it was a cool idea and I have done this now for a few years.

Since the grass was still wet, we mostly drove around in the car and didn’t do much walking around this year. But I was able to take in the sights and enjoy the lovely song birds, especially at Riverside Cemetery. This is my favorite Cemetery in town. My first experience going there was as a child when Dad took my sister and I there to fish, because as the name states, it is next to the river. This is the oldest cemetery in town and has beautiful old trees and some interesting old monuments.

Here is a sampling of the older monuments along with a few of the interesting new monuments which have odd items placed along side.

This grave below is of a 19 year old man. There is a can of Pepsi, some hot sauce bottles and what we decided looked like containers with paint balls. Notice the monument in the background has the etching of a farm.

The next picture is of a motorcycle engine. This is the grave of my distant cousin who was my age and died about 15 years ago.

My all these souls Rest in Peace!


  1. The rocks are a good idea - they last and stay put, and rocks have such continuity and beauty.

    I didn't get to my parents' grave site on the weekend - just 40 minutes away. I feel guilty. I'll stop in next time we pass that way. There is something about cemeteries that soothes me. And there is a lot of beauty in them.

  2. Now I know my kids can bring me diet P when I'm gone... good post. I love looking at old tombstones. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with your family. I love family stories.