Monday, December 28, 2009

ART surprise for Kelley!

12-28-09 vacation brain

I was so excited to conjure up a Christmas ART surprise for my friend Kelley. Kelley has always been so supportive of my art and wants me to paint her things for her house, (which I have done in the past).... And she has recently asked for some of my new art, but always wants “three” of everything....and I didn't think I would have time for several months to create something in threes for her. BUT I changed my mind.

So I decided that I would ask her husband and three kids if they wanted to give some of my new artwork to Kelley as Christmas gifts from them. I secretly emailed her daughter, Elizabeth, who is in college and made the arrangements.

Sorry the picture didn't turn out well. Each is 8x8 inch framed.

I did three leaf pictures, one representing each of her kids.

A Maple leaf: for Elizabeth, colorful and beautiful
An Oak leaf: for middle child Michael since he is solid, helpful and I think reliable (at least as far as a 16 year old can be)
A Ginkgo leaf: for Ben the youngest (my Godson), since he is creative and unique.

On Wednesday before Christmas, Elizabeth snuck over here to pick them up....I was patiently waiting to see if Kelley was going to like these new paintings! She sent me an email late Christmas day and yes, the surprise was a success! I'm happy I could help make her happy!


  1. Judy,

    How wonderful! Kelley told me about the surprise, but it's so nice to see the actual pieces! And I will get to see them in person when I visit Des Moines for New Years.

    Judy, you are so creative!



  2. Marie, enjoy your visit! Safe travels!

  3. Judy - Thank you so much - the art work is even more special now that I know the meaning behind it. I don't know if age gets the best of me but tears seem to flow easily these days and again today when I read your blog. I am completely overwhelmed! The picture of you and Elizabeth is so cute. Happy New Year Judy Kelley

  4. Kelley,
    I was going to write up the meaning and include with the paintings, but didn't get around to it... so I hope my blog was just another part of your Christmas surprise!
    See you Jan 23rd if not before!

  5. So was this your last minute project? You work fast...and agree w/ your creativity. You are a good friend to Kelley and her family.

  6. These are excellent Judy, and matching the leaves t the kids is a wonderful idea.