Monday, December 14, 2009

Jolly old breasts

12-14-09 HO HO HO brain
Admit it……. I’m not the only women with this problem…come on….raise your hand.

For some reason, I hate bra shopping, and thus I’ve been wearing old worn out bras, which need to be thrown out in the trash.

I don’t quite understand myself, the past I struggled to find a bra I liked which actually fit my petite breasts. However, five years ago or so, thanks to my niece, I found a perfect one for me at VS. (padded of course, now you know Judy’s secret) … so I bought two….. when those two started to wear out, I bought a third one to put in the mix. Of course now that’s been at least 3 years ago.

Greg keeps telling me….”Judy we can afford new bras”…..

So finally, I bit the bullet and went shopping for myself and found the replacement model thanks to info from my God-daughter Chelsea, who worked at VS this summer. Merry Christmas to myself! Now I suppose I should take that same philosophy and address the raggedy underwear in my draw.

Ladies….. time to fess up....You too are still wearing some panties that needed to be replace at least a year or two ago! It’s time to take some bold action. A New Year is approaching, why not start fresh with some new undergarments!

Sticky Note to Self #101: you can afford some new underwear, and while you are shopping, pick up some extra to donate to the women’s shelter.

FYI for my Dad: "VS" means Victoria's Secret..... but maybe he knows that since his good buddy Amy works there.

*NOTE: my new bra's are the "mullet" type bra..... You know, like the mullet hair style of the 80's (short in front, long in back).... or as my friend Ann says.... "business up front, party in the back"...

My new bras are "business on the outside, party on the inside"


  1. Judy, this made my day. I'm still wearing underwear that I bought >15 years ago at Lane Bryant. They NEVER wear out, but they are ragged. I won't even discuss my bras. Pitiful.

  2. LMAO... tell me more about the MULLET bra? I don't get it. Actually, my {two} new bras are one year old and I got them at Kohls and I LOVE THEM - Warners brand - I took it off to look!
    I'll never forget a few years ago when my girls got me new VS UNDERWEAR... mine were raggy and they noticed... Well, how embarrassing to hold those huge things up in front of everyone... somehow VS doesn't look so sexy if it's bigger than a medium :)

  3. I'll see if my friend Ann get's the "mullet bra" reference.

    My new bra is plain white on the outside (buisness) and the inside is wild print (party)..

    Get it now?

  4. oh yeah... i get that part... just not the mullet part :)

  5. Yes ,this made my day. We talked about bra shopping last Saturday and the range of sizes. Everyone needs to get a good fitting, w/out a bra on..okay if yours is the size of a plumb, keep it on. If it's the size of watermellons, take it off before your fitting.

    Mullet..get it and is so reminds me of the State Fair contest "10% business in the front and 90% party in the back (short up front/long in the back). have to be there.

    Undies...yes, i'm saving my ratty ones for my Europe trip...tip here...take them on trips and toss when you are done. I'll be looking for the 5 for 25 or 30 dollars here shortly. to myself.

    Dad Sebern...don't pee your pants while reading this.

    Love ya Judy!