Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holiday report part II

12-31-09 vacation brain

Since the weather was not agreeable to outside snowman making or sledding this year, we had to occupy ourselves indoors. Activities included a Scrabble competition and “gingerbread house” building and playing with the cat who is very playful at age 6 months.

I was terrible at Scrabble, since my spelling is poor, as you know by reading my blogs. However, the longer we played, I did show signs of improvement with my score. I even won a game or two. I was still using 3-4 letter words, but I started placing them to get double and triple letter points.

When creating my “gingerbread house”, since I had my fill of sweets by then, I decided to keep my hands away from the candy and build my house for the birds and squirrels. I used mostly seeds to decorate my house.

On Sunday we had a small gathering of 16 for a luncheon to celebrate Mom and Dad’s 60th Wedding anniversary which was a few days before Christmas. We took our family pictures then since we were all out of our PJ’s and sweat pants that day.

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