Thursday, December 10, 2009


Thursday night: Reclusive brain

I’m just getting ready for bed when I looked in the mirror while brushing my teeth and about scared myself to death. What a scum-bag I am this week. I realized I haven’t washed my hair since Sunday!!

This is what I turn into when Greg is not around and I’m stranded in the house all week due to the snow….

Why shower? Why even get out of my sweat pants? Dirty hair?... just put on a hat. Well, actually I did soaked in a hot bath most evenings this week. It’s a great why to relieve sore muscles from doing some of the shoveling. I’m so glad I hired the driveway to be plowed out. With this much snow, I couldn’t have done it myself.

I am going to venture out tomorrow, so I will be taking a shower and washing my hair!

PS: Hi to Greg in Ohio without me!


  1. I believe I'm starting to worry about you... :)

  2. My hubster just got home from a 10-day trip to China, Korea and Japan. I do the same thing. If I don't have to go out for anything, why bother? Makes me worry about myself a tad. I also don't have real meals either. Just whatever.

    We have to hire our driveway done, too, when we get a huge snow. What takes us hours to shovel, they can have done in 10 minutes. It's soooo worth the $75!!

  3. So how did you take this pic? W/ your new camera or Greg's old one.

    And...this is how I look all made are you calling me a scumbag? lol