Saturday, December 19, 2009

December by the numbers

12-19-09 counting brain
THREE crows doing the roof top shuffle-

FIVE squirrels on a backyard scavenger hunt for sunflower seeds-

TWO cardinals, a pair: one brilliant red, one muted, flit at the bird feeders-

ONE stray cat, named “Big Head”, eats outside my back door-

As for me, I’m sitting alone in the sunroom and the above list is my December *entertainment.

I'm patiently waiting for December 21, the official start of winter AND the shortest daylight..... I celebrate because this means the daylight will NOW begin to lengthen! December 21st means I've made it through the downhill stretch and things will only get brighter towards spring!

*Also entertained by holiday dinner-out with NINE neighbor ladies this week.

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