Sunday, December 20, 2009

Missing Greg Blues

12-20-09 breaking Sabbath brain
Special Sunday Edition: "Keeping busy"

It was snowing again in Iowa this morning! Light at first, then heavy... enough to get another inch. The snow stopped by noon, when I walked home from church.

It’s been 14 days since I’ve seen Greg! Wow, this is a long stretch for us, since our holiday travel plans together to Ohio didn’t work out last week for me due to the snow. We’ll survive and be extra happy to see each other later this week. I then get to be with him for then next two weeks..... that's the plan anyway.

So all this alone time away from Greg, has given me extra time to work on other projects.

Yesterday I restarted some cleaning projects that had stalled a few months ago. I filled six large “Santa” bags, (i.e. garbage bags) for donation, mostly clothes, AND I feel we still have more that could easily leave our closets. I need to learn to not hang onto things for so long. This accumulation is insane.

Then Saturday afternoon, I was distracted by fun activities with Ann. We did a few shopping errands, visited an “over the top” light display in Grimes....

....then we were locked out of my house. A trip to three of the neighbors who have our extra keys, finally found someone home and we added neighbor Sue to our evening plans. Ann had left over party food from Friday, so we THREE GALS, watched the movie "Julie and Julia"... and we ate, drank, and were merry!

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. We played the game of counting the times the word “butter” was spoken. We came up with 13 or 14. We also ended up watching all of Saturday Night Live and a few of the skits had Ann levitating off the couch, some with laughter some with repulsion…. One skit had two guys kissing (french) and Ann’s reaction to this was a priceless moment.

Today, I’ll still be working on sending out more Christmas cards! Maybe walking over to the store to get some supplies to do some baking. I might be in the mood after watching Julia Childs at work, but I’ll be using my mom’s recipe for Cream de Mint pie!

PS: On Friday evening I had dinner over at Vivian and Clyde's house and I helped them get their Christmas tree up and decorated. That picture didn't turn out well enough to post.

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  1. Judy, you should post your pic instead of mines. I'll send that to you later today.

    Yes,I was the source of distraction for Judy. We did more than run errans, we had a great evening with another round of girl talk. And SNL..I was looking for some Christmas skits and I was so shocked at what I saw. Yes, I screached with shock, amazement and if this put some joy in Judy's evening...I did my job.