Saturday, December 5, 2009

Split in the middle of life

12-5-09 mid brain
My friend Steve sent me another interesting email this last week. He called my blog a “midlife assessment”….. so again I’m sort of split-in-two, being in the “MIDDLE of LIFE”…..

Steve told me that…. “The French say that a person has 3 sequential phases in their life -Learning, Working, and Living. Both of us are approaching the end of phase 2 and are accessing our lives so far and thinking and planning for the Living phase

Gee, if I could only get to the “Living” phase…. But it will be a few more years before that happens for me! In the mean time, I’m actually still learning as well as working…...... or maybe I AM ready for the "Living" phase. All it would take is selling the Des Moines house, quitting my job and moving to Kansas City to live with my husband!

Anayway.... thanks Steve for a different perspective on life.

PS: Steve and I were in school together K-12, and we lived in the same neighborhood. His mom was a teacher, and my dad was a teacher. We had our tonsils taken out on the same day in 2nd grade and shared a room in the hospital. Coincidence? I think not.

Sticky Note to Self #22: It's joyous having friendships that span decades.


  1. Thankfully our jobs lend to a little overlap of working and living. I don't want to miss the living part because I'm so busy working. Your job is what you do, not who you are. :)

  2. Hi Judy -

    Thanks for stopping by my six-word caption blog -- please come back. I loved your caption for 12/6. :) M