Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chalk Art

5-12-10 playful brain
I have been reading about techniques for successful sidewalk chalk art which has fascinated me for years. I read about how to create some 3-D chalk art by using the computer to "stretch" your photo which should produce a pattern to work off from. Then by putting a grid on your photo and on the sidewalk, you can just start drawing within the grid lines.

Here are a few examples of 3-D from the Internet.

I was not up to doing a large piece, so just wanted to experiment with a small picture. I picked one of a flower and butterfly, which I believe is a photo from my friend Lori which I had in my computer files.

Here is my process..... looks like I have a lot more practicing to do!


  1. That is beautiful!

  2. wow! i want to know where you found black chalk! I love chalking on the sidewalk but it looks nothing like YOUR chalk art!

  3. Use soft pastel chalk, instead of the type made for kids. Buy at art store.

  4. Looks great, I might be fooled into trying to catch the butterfly.