Friday, May 28, 2010

My garden

5-28-10 TGIF brain
Now for pictures of my garden.

Front area.

Back area.

Back area, every garden needs a rain gauge.... I like this one since I can see from inside the house.

New addition to back garden.... I found Greg's old bowling ball in basement last weekend. It was just going to waste there, so I decided to put it to use. Too weird? or does it count as "whimsical" ?

The weeding and mulching project will continue I hope, since this is a 3 day holiday weekend.


  1. i like whimsical... someone told me once that i was too whimsical...whatever :)

  2. The bowling ball needs to go....that is just bad. Maybe you have been hanging out with Ann to much. CRAZY

  3. How about if I paint the bowling ball like a "super 8 fortune ball"?