Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rock in Roll in Iowa

5-5-10 reminiscing brain
Another stop on Saturday was the famous Arnold’s Park (amusement park- version 2), which was not open yet for the season, but we still were able to visit the Iowa Rock and Rock Hall of Fame and the Maritime Museum in the Welcome Center.

I was happy to see that Tommy Bolin, an Iowa musician who I had discovered in 1979 had been inducted into the Iowa Hall of Fame and had a display.

Tommy Bolin was a talented guitarist and played in bands like the James Gang and Deep Purple back in the early 70’s. He was born in Sioux City. Unfortunately he died in 1976 at age 25. He did have a few solo albums out by then, and during college I loved the album called “Private Eyes”. He is definitely and Iowa treasure many have never heard about. (Yes, Ann I will make you a CD of this) My all time favorite song of Tommy Bolin is “Post Toastee”…. You can find some Tommy Bolin on YouTube if you are curious.

Then of course was the display about Buddy Holly and his death which happened in a corn field in Iowa, after he had played at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake Iowa in……..

Then Greg and I took the stage.... Thanks to Daryl for capturing the moment! Greg did start drumming after I left the stage. Guess he knew I could upstage him ? or he was just waiting for his drum solo.



  1. I hope you're not planning on retiring to take your show on the road... :)
    Looks like a very fun weekend!

  2. I was just practicing up for karaoke night at Ann’s party in June. I'll stay with the visual Arts when I retire.