Thursday, May 27, 2010

Morning walk

5-27-10 relaxing brain
I really love this time of year for the fact that I actually wake up before my alarm, and often I get up to enjoy the mornings outdoors. With hot summer weather, this is often the best time of the day.

Yesterday I was walking down my street and observing how nice my neighbors’ yards were looking. Not the “grass” part, since my neighborhood does not strive for the perfect grass, but I loved seeing all flowers, shrubs, and little touches which many of my neighbors do to make their homes unique.

I went back for my camera and re-walked my route taking photos so I’d have a recording for my scrapbook. This street is special and I feel grateful to have lived here for the last 17 years.

Even my friend Sue, who has a busy single parent's life with a teenage daughter... found time along the way to make her front porch welcoming.

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  1. I love your neighborhood! And I love Sue's welcome mat!