Monday, May 24, 2010

Fun and productive

5-24-10 worn out brain

Summer came to Iowa this weekend with temps in the 80’s and high humidity. Two weeks ago I was wearing a coat and now I was sweating in shorts and tank top. Thank goodness it was overcast most of the weekend and there was a strong breeze which actually made it pleasant for gardening. The ground was a perfect moisture which allowed the weeds to give way easily to my pull.

It was that time of the year, late May, when I get serious about my garden. Although it is pretty much a garden of perennials, I like to give it a good weeding then fresh mulch once the falling whirly-bird Maple seeds have all dropped. There is nothing more frustrating than putting fresh mulch down and then have it covered with whirly-birds. Over the years, I’ve learn to be patient with the gardening and not fight the whirly-birds. Then after the first part of June, my garden is on it’s own.

Neighbor cat Max also kept me company this weekend out in the yard.

So that was part of the productive weekend, now for the fun part... Friday evening we went to our usual favorite Des Moines restaurant, the Flying Mango, but this time we took an old friend along, Jeff. I only see Jeff about once a year, usually in June to celebrate his birthday, so we took him out for dinner and celebrated early.

Saturday evening we got to spend time with our friends Ann and Roy…. Dinner out, then sitting on the back patio with a bottle of sweet peach wine enjoying the beautiful night and getting caught up with each other’s lives.

Gardening and yard work on Saturday really wore me out, so Sunday was spend with a much needed rest for most of the day and Greg and I enjoyed being lazy together.

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