Monday, May 17, 2010

Where am I, What day is it?

confused brain
OK.... it's May 17th.... Monday... Back in Des Moines for a few days until I have to be in Iowa City for work.

Sunday, was the usual drive on I-35 north. However, road construction is adding about 20 to 30 minutes onto my drive, depending on the traffic. Here is a view of my world.... driving the Prius these days... I like getting the good gas mileage.

Here is normal view of the monitor: see I'm averaging 41.1 miles/gallon...

Blow pictured here, you can see the 5 minute intervals show higher than normal miles/gallon.... this indicates I'm driving slower.... i.e. I'm in the road construction area and the car is using more battery power.

The blank 5 minutes, is not a good sign... that means I didn't even travel 1 mile in that 5 minute period of time. For some reason people have a hard time merging down from two lanes into one lane... and it takes forever!

I love my Mini Cooper and it's gas mileage is in the 30's.... but when it comes to real great gas millage, the hybrids are great technology, and I also love my Toyota Prius... at least until they come up with a total electric car that I can afford.

This picture above shows the screen which you can look at to see where the power is coming from, either the engine, battery, or both.

Another thing the Prius has, which my 2002 Mini does not, is the "blue tooth" technology which allows me to connect to my cell phone and I can talk without using my hands.... keeping in compliance with the "Oprah's no texting and talking while driving campaign"


  1. But Judy you were driving and shooting photos! That will need to be Oprah's next thing,

  2. Good point Molly! No photography while driving!