Saturday, May 15, 2010

A special type of Sunshine

5-15-10 glowing brain
I've been working in KC this past week and the weird thing is that Greg was traveling for work most of that time. I decided to stay in KC, since I was tired of being on the road so much lately, and I just wanted to stay "put".... in which ever house I was at... and this time it happened to be in KC.

I survived alone for the first time here.... but it turned out to be a challenge about mid week. It was a cold and gloomy/rainy/stormy week and I was starting to feel cabin fever- like I did during the winter months.

Finally on Thursday, I got out of the house and had lunch with an old friend Kimby, who was like a ray of sunshine for me! I'm posting this for the rest of you who knew Kimby. I swear, she hasn't changed a bit.... I think she's looking younger..... or maybe it's me looking older.

I love how old friendships can brighten a gloomy day/week! ... of course I insisted on a picture...

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