Friday, May 21, 2010


5-21-10 fatigued brain
I have been a little bit "off the grid" Wednesday and Thursday. I've only been able to check email and blog and Facebook briefly in the last few evenings. I've been busy giving more training in Iowa City and thus not have the time for easy Internet access. (picture is my new training buddy, who is happy to share anatomy with my four students)

Here is all the organs spilled out on the table.... it is quite a puzzle getting these back into the body.... but after working this job for 27 years, I do know my anatomy! Human Anatomy is ONE thing that hasn't changed over the years.

I am enjoying my evenings here, either walking on Wednesday to enjoy the beautiful weather, or Thursday (rain showers) I went out to dinner with Connie, my old friend from graduate school. It just so happens Connie is now working in the same department that I do, so I get to see her a few times a year when I am in town.

I do know a few other friends who live in Iowa City and feel bad that I didn't get to connect with any of them this trip. But it is hard when I have to talk all day in training, I don't feel like socializing much at night. I need to give my voice a rest.

Funny though, I did run into my 2nd cousin David Thursday over my lunch hour. He was walking down the street going in the opposite direction than I. We did see each other, so paused for a brief conversation. We hope to connect over the 4th of July up in our hometown. His mother is my mother's cousin.

Otherwise, not much exciting to report on this particular trip to Iowa City.
I am glad it's Friday, I'll drive home this afternoon and meet up with Greg in Des Moines.

Here are a few pictures of some of my favorite University buildings on campus.
This is McBride where I spent most of my graduate time.

And next door is the "Old Capital"... a very cool building, which was Iowa's first state capital before it moved to Des Moines.

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