Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cleaning project... one of many

5-19-10 purging brain
Monday night I started a cleaning project of the guest bedroom. My art had taken over the room and it was in total chaos. Since I am expecting some company this summer, this cleaning project, among others, is on my to do list.

Under the bed.... is a good storage space, but after years it is easy to forget what the heck is even under there.

I found my old wooden play box, which at some point over the last 17 years, Mom had transferred down to my house from hers.

This is where my dolls have been stored: Chatty Cathy, a "kissing doll, baby dolls, and Barbies. Sadly, Chatty Cathy's voice is a bit garbled now.

I also found a bag labeled "HAIR" and sure enough was a wad of my blond hair from some childhood hair cut..... and my two troll dolls.

What do I do with this stuff..... pack it back in the box and shove under the bed again? At this rate, I can tell this cleaning project is going to take some time!

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