Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fear not

11-3-10 sane brain
Rally to Restore Sanity: Part I

While my parents and some friends were back home watching and experiencing the Rally on TV, Greg and I actually saw little of the what was going on....on the stage. Instead, Greg and I were just two small drops of water in a great sea of humanity. This was a totally wild and wonderful experience, and hard to put into words.

First of all, the Metro ride down to the National Mall area was packed, but manageable. I usually hate big crowds, but I somehow was cool and collected, I think this was for the fact that I was going to the Rally with no preconceived expectations whatsoever.

When we arrived and realized that the Rally was not going to be about what was happening on the stage, but rather experiencing the positive vibe, the creativity of the people attending and being a part of this mass of people which had a life and soul of its own…. I had this wild feeling of being a part of a collective community of consciousness…. Greg and I decided we would walk around and take it all in, rather than stake out one spot.

In this picture, see the four red X's which shows the various spots we were during the Rally. The X closest to the stage, was after the Rally ended and many people had left.

The X on the upper left side is where we first entered, then we moved to the right side, then walked in the back.... during the middle of the Rally we actually went into the Museum of American History for a break. We viewed some exhibits, ate a late lunch, and used the restroom. It was after this when we got to walk closest to the stage.

The volume of people, just blew my mind away… and the signs were interesting, funny and some outrageous. More pictures tomorrow...

Our stop on the upper right:

People in the trees:

Our stop on the far right:

PS: I decided on my trip, that there was NO reason to fear if the Tea Party has a great effect on the elections this year and allows the Republicans to control congress. This actually could be a good thing in the long run. This would force the Republicans to stop just sitting on the side lines, whining, and join into the process of being part of the solution.

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