Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend update

11-29-10 grateful brain
Greg and I traveled to northern Iowa to have Thanksgiving with my folks. Wednesday evening in KC it was 58 degrees. Thursday when we arrived in Charles City it was about 20 degrees… (burrrrrrr...) it was sunny however, which made traveling the five hour trip from KC safer than trying to drive part way Wednesday night.

Our table was set for five this year; Mom and Dad, Bunny, Greg and I. Mom changed up the menu a bit. Instead of mash potatoes and gravy, she made “party potatoes”… the kind with cream cheese …. Very good I must say! Bunny brought a wonderful cranberry salad.

After dinner we had a surprise visit from my friend Ann. Although Ann lives in Des Moines, she was over in Waverly, 30 minutes away, with her in-laws and she brought us a yum-o pie.... and good company for my Dad.

Friday, Mom and I, along with Greg part of the time, got most of our Christmas shopping done, all at locally owned stores in Charles City. Mom commented that her friends all run over to either Mason City or Waterloo to shop, where as Mom makes a point to buy local. We spent money at two local clothing stores, “Lidds” and “Ellen's”… and a few gift stores; “The Rustic Corner” and “Oasis”.

Saturday morning breakfast out at Dave’s Restaurant was a treat (and a surprise) to see Robin, Tom, and their daughter Taylor, along with Jean Ann. It’s been at least a year and half… maybe two years since us three high school girl friends have been all together. Usually this happens either at the 4th of July or Thanksgiving. Neighbors Marg and Barb also joined us, as well as Mom stopping in for coffee…. So this was a mini Jefferson School neighborhood reunion.

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  1. You do live a good life, well earned my dear. Glad I made your parents evening. Your parents are a hoot ... just like you :-)