Thursday, November 18, 2010

This and That

11-18-10 hyperactive brain

Medal of Honor
In Iowa, we sure are proud of soldier Salvatore Giunta who is from Hiawatha, Iowa. This week Giunta was presented the Medal of Honor, by President Obama… the first time in 40 years a living soldier has been honored this way. Giunta served in Afghanistan and took heroic action during an ambush in 2007.

Hardwood Floor
My carpet/flooring person, locally family owned company, is willing to work with me on helping restore my bedroom hardwood floors and using my deposit money towards creating an area rug for my guest room. As luck would have it, during November and December they are running a hardwood floor special, $2.50 per square foot.

Full Body Scanning
I realize now this week that I had one of those new Full Body Scans at the DC airport when Greg and I flew home. I was asked to raise my hands above my head and to turn and face to my right. It took only 3 to 5 seconds…. So fast I just assumed I was walking through the usual metal detector. I really can’t complain…. Sure it seems “embarrassing” to think someone could be looking through my clothes…and seeing my “hot bod”…. but if I saw what I thought was a suspicious looking person, a potential terrorist, I do feel more safe knowing that they too will have to go through this type of scanning before boarding my plane.

Tuesday night I was eager to go to bed. We had purchased a new mattress over the weekend and it was delivered Tuesday afternoon. I’m happy with my new firm mattress…. But shopping for this sent me on a tirade….. a “mattress rant”. Mattresses are so darn expensive! …. AND why did they take away the side handles and why are mattresses only one sided now.

In 1993 when Greg and I bought our first queen mattress together, we paid $800, (a lot of money to us then)… and this mattress lasted us 14 years! It was a double sided mattress so you could flip it, and rotate it and get 4 positions out of it.

Then the next mattress was our current “pillow top” which was only one sided and cost $1200. I didn’t remember when we bought that until I found the receipt I had placed under that mattress. I was shocked that we purchased this only in March of 2007. Gee, and half of that time Greg and I have been sleeping in KC. This mattress seemed to become uncomfortable to us within only a few years of use!

Anyway, our new mattress cost about $1000 without the box springs and we wanted “firm” this time without pillow top… it still is only one sided and there are no side handles to help you rotate. This frustrates me!

Bristol Palin
It appears “politics” has but on their dancing shoes and entered the dance floor of the TV show Dancing with the Stars. Bristol has shown some improvement in her dancing, that is for sure, but is clearly not as accomplished as the other three couples this week, yet she has made it into the finals. Well, we all do have to remember that this show is not the “Best Dancer” contest… there is the factor of “popularity” in the way it is scored. I did have to laugh yesterday when I heard Rush Limbaugh talking about it on his radio show. Or course he is reading a lot more into Bristol’s victory than I believe needs be the case.

Oprah's “favorite things”

Friday, I will not be watching Oprah’s annual holiday show where she shares her “favorite things”…. This is a boycott I have been following for many years. In the past when I have watched, this show turns my stomach because to me it is focusing on the excesses of our culture…. Feeding into the lust of materialism.

PS: Friday's post will be short!


  1. The Medal of Honor winner has been so shy and self-deprecating, almost embarrassed about his participation and receipt of the honor. You can see the painful effects of the war on him. He represents the best of what being a soldier means, don't you think?

    Oprah is so omnipresent and her ostentatious approach to life is so over. Like all those "o"s?

  2. Calfi Girl: Yes, this soldier’s demeanor makes him someone worthy of honor.
    Oprah appears a bit “split in two” to me…. One day she talks about “spiritual” uplifting things, then the next day she’s hyping a silly movie.

  3. Knowing how rare it is to receive such an honor makes it even more special. He is much to be admired and in awe of. There's a Sundance award-winning film being shown on National Geographic channel on Nov. 29 called "Restrepo". It's about a year in one platoon in Afghanistan. It's supposed to be very hard to watch, but I think it is necessary for all of us to know what these young men and women are going through in that hellhole.

    We're getting our son & DIL a new mattress set for Christmas (theirs is a hand-me-down from us and is 20 yrs. old!). I did some research on Consumer Reports and found that a company in our area makes the number-two rated one. Original Mattress Factory and it's a two-sided pillowtop and they're reasonably priced.. Don't know about handles yet.

    The whole Bristol Palin dance thing/Mama Grizzly Palin Discovery Channel show thing is just ridiculous, and a blatant effort to keep the Palins in the public eye until 2012. God help us if Palin wins the nomination.

    I haven't been able to watch Oprah in years. She's just too over the top for me. Ostentatious? Anyone who sucks in eleventy billion dollars a year and lives as palatially as she does turns me off. I don't care how much money she gives away.