Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend update

11-8-10 standard time brain

WOW, again- another gorgeous autumn weekend! View out of our front window at the KC house.

It was the weekend to "fall back" our clocks. I'm glad now since it might be easier to get our of bed with earlier daylight.... and this time of year, I don't mind putting my PJ's on just after dinner.... Let the winter nesting/hibernation begin.

Saturday, Greg and I had a fairly laid back day...actually a bit boring compared to last weekend, but I needed a boring weekend to rest up. We did a few errands, ate at our favorite breakfast brunch place, First Watch, and then took a short drive out to the Overland Park Arboretum. We had a wonderful walk in the woods.

Saturday night, we had dinner at the Plaza, for the first time with a neighbor couple in KC, Terry and Kim. Then they took us to one of their favorite comedy clubs in Westport which did a sort of comedy game. There were two teams of improvisational people and the audience fed in the ideas. So they called it “improv sports” where the audience picked the winner of each improve challenge they were give. It was fun. Improv comedians have a special talent for thinking fast on their feet.

Sunday when I drove back to Des Moines in the early afternoon, it was sunny and 70 degrees. I was glad, since I had to make time to do some yard work when I returned. The front tree had dropped all its leaves since I had been away, and so I had to mow the lawn and leaves.

Sunday night, I connected back with some Des Moines friends as I was invited to a wine and cheese party with some church friends who form our Gay/Lesbian support group at church. My DM Church is striving to be an open and welcoming church to all people. This party was a small farewell for our interim minister and his wife. In December, we will be getting our new head pastor.

PS: I'm not done talking about my Washington DC trip, but just giving you a break from it.


  1. Call me next time you go to the Arboretum, but not the next time you go to First Watch:)

  2. Molly, I guess you don't love breakfast as much as Greg and I do!